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Sellers have their listing agents representing them. I am here to represent you. Tampa Bay home buyers protect yourself. Get a Buyer's Agent - It's Free! Take a moment to view the listings on the site, do a complete MLS listing search, or view our list of new home builders for the perfect home for you! Rather someone else do the homework? I am here for you. Simply give me a call and I will help you find your perfect home!

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Want to Sell Your Home?

I will help you stage your home for a successful sale! It's probably been a while since you purchased. You may have added a deck, updated the kitchen or replaced the wallpaper in the bath. What is your property worth today? What can you do to raise it's value? How long might it take to sell? Our team of dedicated real estate professionals can provide the answers! Check out the selling page for more information, send me an email via the contact form, or call me now at (813) 245-0316.

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My expertise goes beyond merely buying and selling properties, because I see each transaction as a unique investment opportunity. I would love to teach you about the local Tampa Bay real estate trends so you can make the most informed decisions possible. I honor and respect the importance of any decision regarding your home or investment property and hope to win your trust with my knowledge, hard work, and dedication. I will consider your commute, best schools, nicest communities and more, to find ALL the homes meeting your needs. I am here to team up with you to assist & guide you through the entire purchase process.

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